Latest Update Wen Concern KROWN — Quarantine Survivalist Guild Challenge — May 10, 2020

Updates wen concern KROWN community, and ways when you go fit tey engage with the KROWN community and token. You fit submit News, and engage with the KROWN community for KROWN DAC and Token telegram group. For telegram make you visit: and if na for Medium, make you visit


A QSG na Quarantine Survivalist Guild, na physical location community wen you go build. This na social experiment. The purpose na to support each other during these troubled times, and you go earn KROWN Tokens join for participation. This na very good opportunity to take leadership role for your community.

Round 1: Build a Quarantine Survivalist Guild (QSG)

Guilds go consist of 5 participants. Each Guild member go receive 1M tokens for their EOS wallet when they complete the following tasks. Outstanding teams go receive bonus. Everyone dey invited to participate.

  1. Form a Guild
  2. Document the Initiation
  3. Ask the Guild Members
  4. Discuss ALL of the Listed Topics
  5. Register and Submit by May 31st, 2020. 12PM PST

This project they try increase methods when communities fit engage and support each other.

Read the details of what your QSG must do to be qualified for prizes.

Earn a total of 5M tokens KROWN Tokens for qualified Guilds when you complete this round.

This game dey powered by EOS, supported by the KROWN Community Members Worker Proposal of 60M KROWN Tokens.

There fit be other communities wen match KROWN Awards in this round or future rounds

Warning: Nor be small KROWN Tokens this game dey offer for participation. Make sure say you follow the rules carefully, otherwise dem go disqualified you from this game and even ban you from other games built from KROWN Worker Proposal contributions. Dem go review and award Entries by an anonymous board.

Note: Na only one Guild Member per household fit participate.

Read the details of what your QSG must do to be qualified for prizes.


Last Chance to Claim Tokens! Which tokens you get on May 22, 2019? We don do many airdrops recently as part of the KROWN Multi-Fairdrop to token holders. Even though CPU cost they increase delay for some airdrops, the Custodians still they push the planned community airdrops. We don promote the recent airdrop for the KROWN DAC Twitter account (linked for each airdrop, below).

Wetin be the deadline to claim KROWN? Anybody wen don receive airdrop must claim their KROWN tokens by sending any amount to another person by May 22, 2020.

Who fit Claim? You don receive airdrop of KROWN tokens, yet? If you dey part of one of the token holding communities on the tentative schedule here on May 22, 2019, i sure say you go don receive or you go receive KROWN tokens last las.

Where person fit tey see their airdropped KROWN tokens? Tokens which were airdropped go appear for the wallet wen hold the tokens of the community being airdropped. For example, if you get LYNX tokens for your LYNX Wallet on May 22, 2019, you should see airdropped KROWN tokens for your LYNX Wallet after the February 6, 2020 airdrop.

How person fit Claim the KROWN tokens airdropped? If you receive KROWN through the Multi-Fairdrop, send any amount give your friend to claim your KROWN tokens. Ask your friend for their wallet address and send any amount to that address.

Why person need to send to another person? By sending any amount of a KROWN token or tokens, the action dey transfers the CPU cost from the DAC to the distributed network. This dey help to free up CPU for additional airdrops.

What if I get question to ask? Post your question for the KROWN community in the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group at

KROWN Dates to Add to Your Calendar

Thursdays, 9 a.m. Pacific Time — Na Weekly Community Meeting on Zoom (get call in information for the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group)

May 22, 2020 — Na Last day to claim KROWN tokens from Multi-Fairdrops, by sending any amount of KROWN to another person

May 22, 2020 — Na KROWN DAC’s First Anniversary!

May 31, 2020 — QSGC Deadline

What’s Up? Tell me the kind KROWN News, when you fit create or find in-person or for Interwebs. Track me for Telegram: @LisaChandler

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Nyerhowo Isuru is an Innovator, best known as the founder of NITI also known as Neroitech Inventions or NI2. Neroitech Inventions was founded in 2016.

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Nyerhowo Isuru

Nyerhowo Isuru

Nyerhowo Isuru is an Innovator, best known as the founder of NITI also known as Neroitech Inventions or NI2. Neroitech Inventions was founded in 2016.

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