Latest Update Wen Concern KROWN — October 27, 2019

Updates wen concern KROWN community and ways when you go fit tey engage with the KROWN community and token. You fit submit News and engage with the KROWN community for KROWN DAC and Token telegram group for and if na for Medium, make you visit

KROWN Multi-Fairdrop Continues!

Sharing the Love. The first airdrop start October 24, 2019 with EOS airdrop, as part of the KROWN Multi-Fairdrop. To add to the excitement, on the 24th, EOS dey under DDOS attack, so CPU needed was higher than expected. Nevertheless, the inaugural air drop was a success, and EOS token holders (as of 5/22/19), were airdropped with KROWN. The next airdrop na for EOSDAC holders on November 17, 2019. View the schedule of upcoming airdrops here. You Wan promote the Multi-Fairdrop? Get the banners for here.


Have Castle, Will Travel. KROWN community members dey head to Las Vegas to celebrate Cryptoween with other EOS communities at the Brock Pierce and Naomi Brockwell sponsored EOS Pavilion at World CryptoCon. Photos and stories dey come for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram community channel. Going? @KROWN #KROWN

Create. Inspire. Repeat.

YouTube Creator Bribes. Bribe Queen Ky Primo approved a Bribe project for Lisa Chandler to reach out to sign up 100 YouTubers in a KROWN grant beta program. YouTube content creators accepted into the program will be offered KROWN grants for video content creation with KROWN tags, PLUS KROWN to grant to their community members for engagement, AND to inspire further content creation. Creators go earn KROWN for tagged videos wen dem create, as well as for videos wen members of their community create. See Ky’s Overview Slides for here. You be YouTube Creator? Apply for Bribes for your videos here:

In the Telegram Community

Wait, what?! Did Jeremy Crypto just announce bonus for the token EOS community who go claim the most KROWN tokens? E be like say na him!

Creature Sightings! As usual, KROWNed creatures are being created and shared for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram community channel. Recently spotted was na this gorgeous royal frog. As usual, creators are getting Tipped!

As usual, community members dey joke around with their Krowns.

Tips, Tips and More Tips. Jhem Trinidad, Max Infeld and other community members don dey tip people around the clock for the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group. Tips have been earned for creating content, posting, challenges, asking and answering questions and more. Shout out to our generous tippers dem. Engage for the group and see if you go earn tips (e nor bad if you ask for them sha).


Freedom na commonly shared value among blockchain community members. The KROWN community nor be exception. Recently Serkan Aymaz posted an enhanced Lady Liberty for the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group.

Read Me. The KROWN Read Me document includes almost everything wen person need to know about KROWN and the KROWN DAC. It includes the theory, vision, airdrop schedules and worker proposal protocols.

What’s so different about KROWN? Max Infeld recently respond for the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group:

Growth Report

KROWN on the Ground. How many KROWN dey circulate around? Check the KROWN token for to see KROWN flying around and how many token holders dey land them.

Around Noon Pacific Time on October 24, 2019, the day of the first Multi-Fairdrop, we get 4,892 KROWN token holders, which na increase from 1,495 token holders, earlier for the week.

As of the afternoon of October 27, 2019, we get 239,305 KROWN token holders. The significant increase in token holders na due to the first airdrop to EOS holders (as of May 22, 2019). Since, we don see activity for the Daily Volume.

Telegram Community Growing! Welcome to new members of the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group! As of this morning, we get 262 members, 113 photos and videos and 340 links (most of which are Tips). On October 21, we get 188 members. As new members join the group and ask questions, others dey respond, tipping and inspiring community content creation. View content added by clicking on the group page, then clicking on the number next to Photos and videos.

Tokens to Engage Communities. Duane Phillippi talk about life before blockchain and he interest for building community.

Got KROWN News?

Wetin they happen na? Let me know KROWN News when you fit create or track one-on-one or on Interwebs. Find me for Telegram on: @LisaChandler

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Max Infeld’s (Extremely Scarce) Holographic KROWN Stickers #decentralizedroyalty #KROWN Krown KROWN Community DAC | Token



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