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Updates wen concern KROWN community and ways when you go fit tey engage with the KROWN community and token. You fit submit News and engage with the KROWN community for KROWN DAC and Token telegram group for and if na for Medium, make you visit

Airdrops Continue

More Giving! The KROWN Multi-Fairdrop continues with an airdrop to the EOSDAC token holders. People wen hold EOSDAC tokens on May 22, 2019 go likely get KROWN token gift. To claim am, send any quantity to a friend.

Congestion Schmestion. Getting stuck on the network? Once you have Scatter open for your desktop, you fit use to perform transactions. They dey offer 5 free transactions. (Nice KROWN, Nero!)

Events, Travels & Celebrations

Cryptoween at the EOS Pavilion in Las Vegas. KROWN of custodians, developers and advocates participate for the Brock Pierce and Naomi Brockwell sponsored EOS Pavilion at World CryptoCon for Las Vegas October 29–30, 2019. During their travels, Duane, Jun, Adam, Max were KROWNspotting.

Krownoween Celebration for the Telegram Group. The KROWN DAC and Token telegram group was full of Krown-O’Lanterns and Tips and Treats on Halloween.

Trick-or-Treat! Newdex was giving away treats to trick-or-treaters stopping by on Halloween. Thanks, Newdex!

DACathon 2019

What is a DAC? A DAC na decentralized autonomous community, managed by custodians, who vote on important matter. Activities are often managed through worker proposals, with tokens allocated by custodian vote. The KROWN DAC was setup by the founders and custodians, as described on this document available on the README Resources List.

DAC Building Event. The online DACathon dey come, currently planned for mid-December. This go be a chance for community members to come together work on the creation of a DAC. Discussions about the event dey take place for the DACathon 2019 Telegram Group. Max Infeld post summary of the evolving format, so far.

Creature Sightings

Oscar the Cat. Rebecca Vogt @Rebecca_Vogt has an approved worker proposal to post a picture of her cat, Oscar. After one week, Oscar dey quite comfortable for the KROWN community.

Getting KROWNed

YouTube Naming. CSX, the founding team members of KROWN, don start a YouTube channel. Once they get 100 subscribers, they fit customize the name to represent KROWN. Mr Nobody was seen offering KROWN challenges for the next 100 subscribers.

Challenges. Max Infeld has been posting test challenges for the KROWN community on Telegram. E don include reading and signing the constitution, finding and posting a transaction and researching and posting the first airdrop transaction.

Faucet Drip. Jhem Trinidad announced for the Telegram group say KROWN dey available for the Catchthefrog faucet.

Tips. New KROWN DAC and Token telegram group members say hello and often get KROWNed. Keep adding content and get more KROWN tokens. KROWN is given by people to each other for the group, via the TipBot. Recently, Duane Phillippi was spotted going down memory lane, tipping people who dey with KROWN from the start, including Syed from EOS Cafe Block.

As usual, that tip prompted more content, as Max Infeld then posted picture of the go, no go call from the BP House.

And, Trent continued the drive down memory lane, as he post picture from EOS Launch.

Growth Report

Telegram Group Growing! The KROWN DAC and Token telegram group don dey grow quickly and don rise to 507 members, as of this writing.

Watching KROWN. KROWN is now listed on the Newdex Exchange, where KROWN token activity can be tracked. As of the time of this writing (November 7, 2019, 4:45 a.m. PT), KROWN’s last price na 0.000097 EOS / $ 0.00034

KROWN activity can also be viewed at, including the top token holders.

Managing KROWN

Token Pocket. The KROWN DAC Members Client na dey available for TokenPocket! Check it out, sign the constitution and vote for your favorite custodians.

Weekly Call. KROWN DAC get a weekly call to discuss upcoming KROWN activities and ideas. Currently, the call na Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. The call in information dey posted for the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group. Please join and share your KROWN questions, ideas and news.

Wetin they happen na? Let me know KROWN News when you fit create or track one-on-one or on Interwebs. Find me for Telegram on: @LisaChandler

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