KROWN na Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) when dey manage the KROWN community and KROWN token. Learn more about KROWN for the KROWN DAC Site

Latest Update Wen Concern KROWN — KROWN’s Virtual Town Krownlandia — May 21, 2020

Updates wen concern KROWN community, and ways when you go fit tey engage with the KROWN community and token. You fit submit News, and engage with the KROWN community for KROWN DAC and Token telegram group. For telegram make you visit: and if na for Medium, make you visit


What is Krownlandia?

Krownlandia na virtual, imaginary town when get reward-based KROWN economy. The town na KROWN community na get am and na the members na create am for inside the KROWN DAC and oken Telegram group. After KROWN’s example, the Townspeople for krownlandia experiment with the community design and community engagement. E never too tey when KROWN choose krownlandia for one of their worker proposal so hat dem fit expand Krownlandia’s reward system so that dem go give reward for active place management.

What is the history of Krownlandia?

E get one day, one person when e name na Lisa com ask the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group wetin dem like to add for a new town? Answers start to come and na so the document when dey linked at take start. Soon, Krownlandia come get e own Telegram group:

Krownlandia come start on the 1/22/20 for 9:45am PT (Architects Day). E never tey after, Krownlandia come get project for DACATHON 2020 and dem win 3rd place! Watch the presentation here to learn more about Krownlandia’s history.

What places are open in Krownlandia?

Krownlandia Town Opening


For May 23, 2020 at 4:00p.m Pacific time, Krownlandia host e own official town opening for the Krownlandia Town Square channel and Krownlandia Telegram group even for Zoom as part of how dem want to celebrate KROWN 1st Birthday Celebration. Magical Gardens dem go launch for Krownlandia as dem host the KROWN’S 1ST Birthday Party Dance Party on May 22, 2020. . View the KROWN 1st Birthday Event Schedule and Guide.


As part of how dem take the Town, Krownlandia dey issue a Decree to give rewards to create and manage active places for Krownlandia.

Krownlandia Town Opening Decree

Hear ye, hear ye, all Townspeople of Krownlandia.

This day, May 23, 2020, Krownlandia declares e town open!

From today go, people when open and dey actively manage places in Krownlandia go earn KROWN tokens.

KROWN token rewards to dey open places, active place management (APM) and Townspeople engagement go dey defined and dem go share am per the Krownlandia Design Center’s Reward Earnings Allocations Listing (KDC-REAL).

Dem come encourage Townspeople to create positive, engaging experiences for theirselves, with rewards for engagement and positive reinforcement.

Krownlandia dey encourage content creation and equitable rewards to engage Townspeople.

Blessings to the Townspeople of Krownlandia!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

To honor KROWN’s 1st Birthday Celebration and Krownlandia’s Town Opening, a limited edition Krownlandia Town Opening non-fungible tokens don dey na.

Thanks to krownprinter when design and produce these commemorative tokens. Three types na dem produce: KROWN’s 1st Birthday Birthday Cake, Krownlandia Place, and Lisa’s Coffee Shop Coffee.

Because of say the supply no plenty, some lucky Townspeople when attend the Birthday Celebration go get reward with these particular tokens. Dem go share information for each Birthday Celebration session as to how you fit enter to win or qualify to earn an NFT. The more sessions when you attend, the more chances say you fit to win

Krownlandia Rewards

How can I add a place to Krownlandia?

You wan build a building, house or other place? Yes, e dey free. Post your addition for the Krownlandia Telegram group. Put how to describe the place and e name. Your place when dem approve go come dey the Official Krownlandia List.

How I fit open place for Krownlandia?

Once your place don dey for the Official Krownlandia List, if you like, you fit open your place. The place dey give engagement opportunities to your visitors. Your place fit dey live anywhere you fit link or to where you fit call in. E includes Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, DLive, Instagram, High Fidelity, Zoom, a document, sheet, website or other locations.

The place must get opportunity for people to engage. For example, for Lisa’s Coffee Shop, people fit order virtual coffee and earn KROWN tokens when dem do so.

See how e dey work:

  • Order for free. Dem no go charge you to order, in this rewards-based economy.
  • People fit order coffee and see which cup color dem get.
  • KROWN rewards dey based on the cup color.
  • From time to time, reward amounts when concern cup colors dey change.
  • Coffee rewards fit reach up to 2 times per day.
  • The more people when dey visit, engage and order, the more tokens dem go earn.
  • Plus, bonuses dey tip for insightful coffee shop discussion.

Place managers dey entitled to tip plenty or small as dem like. For example, if person post 50 orders for one day, a place manager get the option to only tip once or twice.

No be every place need order and deliver. Activity fit be engaging by adding content, playing games, go on regular Zoom calls, or anythingwhen your creativity fit imagine!

How I fit tip people when engage for my place?

You fit ask people to post for the Krownlandia Telegram group with a particular message, piece of content or hashtag. You fit reply to them and tip KROWN. For example, to tip 100 KROWN, just answer their post with /tip 100 KROWN (and include any hashtag you like). Tips dey recorded permanently for the blockchain.

How I fit get KROWN to giveaway through my place?

If you go like KROWN tokens to giveaway through your place for Krownlandia, post your idea and request for the Krownlandia Telegram group.

How fit I earn rewards because say i manage my place?

You fit add place when you think say make e dey for Krownlandia to the official list at However, you fit earn rewards because you open and actively managing your place. Na four stages of place rewards.

  • Opening — Place dey open when people fit go to the place and engage for an activity. This one fit be a virtual or online group, a regular call, a physical place, a conceptual space or other creative use of the concept of a place. Show your place dey open when you post for the Krownlandia Telegram group say your place dey open. Include any links to your place. Use the hashtag #Krownlandia #Place #Open
    Place managers typically get 1,000 KROWN upon opening.
  • Active — When people dey engage for your place throughout the month, e mean say you dey active. This one fit be a large or small community, but engagement opportunities dey for Townspeople in an active community.
    Active place managers fit get reward 1,000 KROWN per month.
  • Super Engaged — · When your community dey engaged, good stories dey come out. Tell the Krownlandia community wetin happened that month for your place. Share stories, statistics, activity, KROWN tipped and/or other information when you you thinksay dey interesting to the community. Use the hashtag #Krownlandia #Place The Krownandia Design Center Council go show if a place qualifies for Super Engaged status.
    Active place managers with super engaged community status fit get reward 2,500 KROWN per month.
  • Super Engaged + Sustained — After three months of super engaged activity, your place go qualify for consideration by the Krownlandia Design Council for special rewards.
    Rewards fit come from time to time to active place managers when get super engaged community status and fit include a variety of rewards, includig limited edition Krownlandia-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as the Krownlandia Place NFT.

Wetin be the Krownlandia Design Center Council?

Rewards go dey for the Krownlandia Design Center and dem fit change am any time. Rewards go be free, by choice, as e dey come, as the will of the administrators of the Krownlandia Design Center.

The Krownlandia Design Center dem go choose Council of trusted sources when go dey check questions and make recommendations whether dem go give growth and place management rewards. This one go include determining super engaged status and special rewards.

The Krownlandia Design Center, after dem don consider the Council’s recommendations, go come request tips from the Krownlandia Bank for active places. Tips go dey awarded in the Krownlandia Telegram group and recorded for the Krownlandia Bank. Tipsgo dey as a reply to a post by the active place manager. In addition, people fit tip APMs.

Wetin I go do if I get questions?

Post your questions for the Krownlandia Telegram group or email

KROWN’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Join Us Live!

KROWN go turn 1 year old on May 22, 2020. Join the KROWN Community LIVE to celebrate the first birthday/anniversary of the KROWN DAC and Token! Plenty plenty fun activities, learning, and KROWN Token rewards go dey. View the KROWN 1st Birthday Event Schedule and Guide.

The following birthday celebration activities na go happen for Krownlandia:

Updated information go dey posted, as updated, for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group.

KROWN’s 1st Birthday Celebration

KROWN turn 1 year old on May 22, 2020. Celebrate through a series of LIVE KROWN Community Events. Plenty plenty of fun activities, learning, and KROWN Token rewards go dey. Join us for this celebration! View the KROWN 1ST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION SCHEDULE AND GUIDE! Updated information will be posted in the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group.

KROWN Dates to Add to Your Calendar

Come Hang Out at Community Meetings

Community Meetings na informal gatherings live on Zoom. Join in, say hi, bring up any ideas when you fit get have for our communities, or just hang out.

Thursdays, 9 a.m. Pacific Time — Na Weekly Community Meeting on Zoom (get call in information on the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group)

Thursdays, 10 a.m. — 1 p.m. Pacific Time — Na Weekly Community Meeting on Zoom (get call in information on the MetaDAC Telegram group)

Save the Dates!

May 22, 2020 — Na Last day to claim KROWN tokens from Multi-Fairdrops, by sending any amount of KROWN to another person

May 22, 2020 — KROWN DAC’s First Birthday/Anniversary!

May 22–23, 2020 KROWN DAC’s First Birthday Celebration LIVE!
KROWN 1st Birthday Event Schedule and Guide

May 22, 2020
FUBG Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds KROWN Match — Register to celebrate KROWN DAC’s birthday with a FUBG Match in the Sanhok map! — 1 million KROWN prize!

May 23, 2020 5 pm PT — KROWN Birthday BOID IBC LIVE DRAWING!!!
Donate KROWN for COVID-19 Research & Enter to Win

May 31, 2020 — Discussions.App Contest Deadline

May 31, 2020 — QSGC Deadline

What’s Up? Tell me the kind KROWN News, when you fit create or find in-person or for Interwebs. Track me for Telegram: @LisaChandler

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