Latest Update Wen Concern KROWN — February 27, 2020

Updates wen concern KROWN community and ways when you go fit tey engage with the KROWN community and token. You fit submit News and engage with the KROWN community for KROWN DAC and Token telegram group for and if na for Medium, make you visit


KROWN community members Max Infeld, Ky Primo and Duane Phillippi where dey gather for DACAPULCO 2020 dem they unite the Anarchapulco community together to learn and talk about DACs.


DACAPULCO na experiment wen dey happen now with community wen nor get oga at the top, wen you nor need to do anything, when they look for ways when you go fit build community wen get one mind, and dey cooperate to provide direct feedback when relate to issues around Anarchapulco. The very first DACapulco Anarchapulco community project and workshop happen for February 13–16, 2020 by friends of the CSX Community and KROWN DAC and people when still put hand assist na DACathon | MetaDAC. You fit learn more about DACapulco. #DACapulco


You fit watch the Presentations. The very first DACATHON happen between January — February 2020. Presentations happen for February 1, 2020 and you fit view the whole story for:

People when Win for Judge Voting! Congratulations to people when win for Judge Voting during the Hackathon part of the DACathon:

• 1st position na — Daclify

• 2nd position na — Augmented Bonding Curve

• 3rd position na — Krownlandia

• 4th position na — Time Bank

People when Win for DACATHON Choice Award Voting! Congratulations to people when win the award and represent the viewers voting.

• Choice Award — ITHACA

You fit look the Presentation Slides to see everything when concern Team Projects and resources when connect from the folders. Watch the video for

Thank the Judges Luke Stokes, Yves La Rose, Syed Jafri, Fred Krueger, Dimitri Nikolaros, and Ben Sigman. Thank you viewers wen judged for the MetaDAC Choice Awards!

And special thank you to organizers Jun Dam, Max Infeld, Duane Phillippi, Ky Primo, Lisa Chandler and the MetaDAC Custodians dem and all Teams wen enter, the judges and viewers and every other person when put hand and volunteer.

KROWN Dates wen you fit Add to Your Calendar

Thursdays, 9 a.m. Pacific Time — Na Weekly Community Meeting for Zoom (get information for the KROWN DAC and Token telegram group)

February 29, 2020 — Na Leap Year Day!

May 21, 2020 — Na Last day to claim KROWN tokens from Multi-Fairdrops, by sending any amount of KROWN to another person

May 22, 2020 — Na KROWN DAC’s First Anniversary!

Wetin they happen na? Let me know KROWN News when you fit create or track one-on-one or on Interwebs. Find me for Telegram on: @LisaChandler

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Max Infeld’s Holographic KROWN Stickers #decentralizedroyalty #KROWN #Community Krown Newsletter KROWN DAC and Token Telegram Group



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