KROWN na Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) when dey manage the KROWN community and KROWN token. Learn more about KROWN for the KROWN DAC Site.

Latest Update Wen Concern KROWN — Get to Know KROWN — May 18, 2020

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Updates wen concern KROWN community, and ways when you go fit tey engage with the KROWN community and token. You fit submit News, and engage with the KROWN community for KROWN DAC and Token telegram group. For telegram make you visit: and if na for Medium, make you visit

Wetin be KROWN?

KROWN na DAC, a Token and a Community. We are KROWN, a member-owned decentralized autonomous community (DAC). We believe say community engagement need to dey transparent and fun, that na why we launched the KROWN Token. Our token they join blockchain with real-world applications by encouraging members of different communities to engage within our ecosystem and get reward.

If you wan learn more about KROWN, explore the resources when dey available:

Wetin be KROWN DAC?

The KROWN DAC na Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC). E dey self-governed with a Constitution, elected Custodians, a Worker Proposal System, online communities, community meetings, token rewards, content creation, and plenty engagement opportunities.

A DECENTRALIZED AUTONOMOUS COMMUNITY (DAC) na organization when nor get oga at the top. Members of the community dey participate by voting on decisions and policies when dem like. A DAC dey different from a centralized governance structure because e dey delegate authority and decision making to all of e members, rather than the oga’s at the top.

Wetin beKROWN Token?

The KROWN Token na EOSIO-based cryptocurrency used as rewards for the KROWN communities and for Worker Proposal System projects. The KROWN token dey listed on Newdex.

EOS na token and community project wen be third generation crypto currency. It’s made in part with EOSIO software created by when be one of the largest open source software communities.

How I go fit earn KROWN tokens?

Plenty ways dey to earn KROWN tokens as rewards, mostly related to creating and adding content and engagement opportunities for KROWN community members or communities wen related to KROWN.

Review the article: How to Earn KROWN

Them fit send KROWN tokens as gift from community member to community member by Tipping through the EOS Cafe TippedBot, the bot dey built in to the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group. To tip person 100 KROWN, reply to their post with: /tip 100 KROWN

What/who is the KROWN Community?

The KROWN Community na the people wen dey involved and engaged with the KROWN DAC, KROWN Token and related communities. The KROWN Community na giving community wen believe in creating content and fair and transparent rewards for engagement when go benefit the Community. In addition, KROWN dey engage with other communities to bridge opportunities for community members between communities.

The KROWN DAC na community-driven project with a governance system wen dey encourage participation and accountability. The KROWN DAC get 11 foundational custodians the community members dey grow. From the beginning, KROWN don 100% dey self-funded by its members only. We dey invite you to join the KROWN community and participate anyhow you like.

Wetin be the KROWN Token Telegram Group?

The KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group na the primary place for information and updates wen relate to the KROWN DAC, Token and Community. Na there community members dey post content for each other, tip each other and find opportunities to earn KROWN. KROWN-related questions dey answered by another community member.

Wetin be related KROWN communities?

Many related KROWN communities dey for different reasons. See some kind examples of KROWN communities in action:


KROWN community members don work together to launch projects throughout the year. Some of the top projects include:


KROWN dey often engage with other communities to sponsor contests with KROWN rewards as prizes. See some of the recent contest:

Content Creators

YouTubers wen dey post original content for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group get #contentcreatorscampaign tips. Some offer KROWN rewards, too.


Some Communities emerge from the KROWN communities, and create their own groups or channels, specific vision and correct engagement opportunities.

How I fit get more involved for the KROWN Community?

Start with the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group. Wetin dey interest you? That content fit be of interest to the community?

Consider the Seven Stages of Creating a DACommunity. The KROWN Community and KROWN Token was created to co-create, incubate, and empower existing communities. Every level dey important for building a healthy community.

1. Join KROWN and Participate
2. Consider the Fundamentals
3. Share the Vision
4. Build a Core Launch Team
5. Community Outreach and Token Model
6. Token Distribution / Incentives
7. Hold Elections & Community Interactions

Where can I fit find the KROWN Community?

Why I need to add content to the KROWN communities?

Adding contents to share na a good way for you to express yourself and engage others who fit dey interested for your content and your work, in general. In addition, content dey always dey rewarded with KROWN tips by other community members. If na for large or ongoing projects, worker proposals fit dey created for rewards.

KROWN DAC Worker Proposal System

How I fit submit a Worker Proposal to do a project and earn KROWN?

Try go through the KROWN Worker Proposal System and the projects that have been executed and rewarded. Wetin you want to offer the KROWN Community? If you fit, join one of the KROWN weekly community calls to discuss your idea. Find the call-in and login information posted wen dem post for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group each week just before the call on Thursdays at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. One of the KROWN custodians go work with you to submit an official request for a worker proposal. Once submitted, custodians go get the opportunity to vote on am and approve the proposal if e make sense. Once dem approve am, you go receive the KROWN rewards, as e dey defined for your proposal.

How KROWN tey start?

Watch “The KROWN Story: How We tey Start”

“The KROWN Story: How We tey start”

Watch “KROWN Wetin be the KROWN DAC

KROWN Wetin be the KROWN DAC

Watch “KROWN The Short Story

KROWN The Short Story

Who dey run KROWN?

KROWN is run by elected custodians. See the system of voting on custodians.

Where I fit see KROWN’s statistics?

Wetin I go do if I get question?

Post your question for KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group or join the Community Call on Thursday mornings at 9 am Pacific Time. The call-in and login information dey posted for the Telegram group just before the call start.

KROWN’s 1st Birthday Celebration

KROWN dey turns 1 year old on May 22, 2020. Celebrate through different type of LIVE KROWN Community Events. Many fun activities, learning, and KROWN Token rewards go plenty. Join us for the celebration! Dem go post Information for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group. Check out the KROWN 1st Birthday Event Schedule and Guide.

Join the KROWN Community Live on 5/22/20–5/23/20!

KROWN Dates to Add to Your Calendar

Come Hang Out at Community Meetings

Community Meetings na informal gatherings live on Zoom. Join in, say hi, bring up any ideas when you get for our communities, or just hang out.

Thursdays, 9 a.m. Pacific Time — Weekly Community Meeting on Zoom (get call in information for the KROWN DAC and Token Telegram group)

Thursdays, 10 a.m. — 1 p.m. Pacific Time — Weekly Community Meeting on Zoom (get call in information for the MetaDAC Telegram group)

Save the Dates!

May 22, 2020 — Na Last day to claim KROWN tokens from Multi-Fairdrops, by sending any amount of KROWN to another person

May 22, 2020 — Na KROWN DAC’s First Birthday/Anniversary!

May 22–23, 2020 KROWN DAC’s First Birthday Celebration LIVE!
KROWN 1st Birthday Event Schedule and Guide


May 22, 2020
FUBG Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds KROWN Match — Register to celebrate KROWN DAC’s birthday with a FUBG Match for the Sanhok map! — 1 million KROWN prize!

May 23, 2020 5 pm PT — KROWN Birthday BOID IBC LIVE DRAWING!!!
Donate KROWN for COVID-19 Research & Enter to Win

May 31, 2020 — Discussions.App Contest Deadline

May 31, 2020 — QSGC Deadline

What’s Up? Tell me the kind KROWN News, when you fit create or find in-person or for Interwebs. Track me for Telegram: @LisaChandler

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