KROWN na Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) when dey manage the KROWN community and KROWN token. Learn more about KROWN for the KROWN DAC Site.


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Mission Statement
KROWN DAC dey make tools to make communities dey very active. The reason why dem form KROWN DAC na to provide tools for community, product leaders and community members for inside their communities. All these tools dey encourage the members, e dey make dem to not only be customers but also help dem to be contents creators. We believe say community need to put hand to work together, over wetin dem go like to see. We dey make tools wen dey provide value to individuals. KROWN na the correct definition of wetin communities fit become!

Living Whitepaper
Since KROWN DAC and KROWN Token na community led project, e dey very important to make sure say community dey participate from start to finish of the development. We dey regard this as Living Whitepaper where the community fit provide feedback and edits am. When dem edit am, e go need approval by the KROWN DAC Custodians. For any questions regarding this process try connect with the community for Telegram.

See the accounts when dey associated with KROWN DAC.

Problems and Solutions

Dey nor dey reward consumers for their value when dem dey contribute to products & services. Contribution nor really dey rewarding at all. When consumers or fans dey provide value for the brand wen dey like, how dem go fit get reward?

You fit discover wetin customer need and provide reward to support contents when the community create. KROWN DAC dey offer correct ways to provide value to brands and provide value to the customer. As dem dey use the provisions when KROWN Token don provide, the users go earn KROWN for product feedback and active participation.

Customer engagement nor really dey rewarding at all for traditional social media. As e be now, na third party dey offer surveys and provide customer feedback and e dey very expensive.

The KROWN DAC dey reward the customer to use the platform by rewarding dem with KROWN for their feedback and any input when dey useful.

Customers nor really dey involved with the progress and development of the project or even provide feedback.

The KROWN DAC platform go fit provide better opportunity for customers and merchants dem to connect and work together and e go dey rewarding to do so through the KROWN DAC Applications

E dey very expensive to get quick feedback from customers

Customer’s dey encouraged to provide feedback in exchange for KROWN Tokens

Customers done begin to do more than wetin you expect from consumer. And tools to reward this kind increased engagement from customers nor plenty at all.

The KROWN DAC platform fit act as as transparent and fair tool when go fit engage the consumer and make the communication and relationship between the merchant / customer dey more legit and beneficial to both party.

The customer get very little incentive or control over contributing and building community engagement. No better system dey to reward community contributions.

The KROWN DAC platform go fit bridge the gap between the customer and the merchant and make even exchange dey possible

Rewards systems nor they get direct, immediate value. The way e be now, them dey in form of points and they nor dey fungible.

Provide users with better value for their actions through correct interactive applications when dey encourage engagement.

Traditional social media platforms dey engage in wetin dem call ad-tracking which dey take your personal data and sells am to 3rd parties, and some kind times without your permission. This breach in wetin dem call data privacy fit lead to unwanted advertisements when you dey browse the internet, e go come make email spam, or telemarketing calls plenty.

Krown DAC dey provide a closed-loop system when dey allow consumers to share their personal data only with the merchants when them like to share am with

Token Economics
Na 3.69 Billion KROWN Tokens the KROWN Community go create and issue.

Funds go only dey accessible through custodian Worker Proposal voting which dey require multi-signature approval. Dem go use these tokens as a utility for the applications when the KROWN DAC go create and dem nor go sell any tokens. You go only fit acquire these tokens from free markets or through Initial Airdrop or engaged activity.

-Getting Tips

-Submitting worker proposal

Potential Future: DAC to Business Model
When a brand go like engage their user communities with KROWN DAC community tools, the software go dey free to business and the user but e go require KROWN Tokens to power the marketing campaigns.

The KROWN DAC go dey used for different kinds of applications to engage users with products when dem like and brands when dem be fan of — to earn rewards and KROWN Tokens.

Multi-Fairdrop [link]
KROWN Community go offer the KROWN Token to EOS and EOS token holders to encourage and reward engagement. The Multi-Fairdrop go allow EOS users who dey hold multiple tokens to participate in receiving KROWN Tokens.

WARNING: If you know say you don receive KROWN and you never engage for the community by sending ANY KROWN token to another person before MAY 22, 2020, the KROWN nor go be your own oh. KROWN DAC go reclaim all the RAM and KROWN Tokens when dem offer through Airdrop. Dem go collect the KROWN back if you send am give another person, and dem go redistributed am for future airdrops and engagements.

***If you don receive KROWN through the Multi-Airdrop — try send just one KROWN to any other account to keep your KROWN Tokens for your EOS account.


Initial Airdrop Snapshot Wen dem take on EOS Mainnet Block:


Same block as KROWN birth

Token Distribution [link]
Contingency Plan for Migration, Just in Case

WARNING: For any reason if KROWN DAC need to migrate to another platform or wan alter the EOS based smart contracts, the KROWN Community go provide clear information regarding this transition. Token holders go dey rewarded for the inconvenience when e fit cause.


February, 2019
-When dem form the Idea and co-building the KROWN Community

March 2019
- The KROWN DAC and name dey kickstarted by the CSX Community.

April, 2019
- Test DAC created on EOS Mainnet

- KROWN awareness created for EOS World EXPO

May 1st, 2019
-Beginning Living Whitepaper

May 14th
-Representation at Blockchain Week in New York.

May 22nd, 2019
-DAC Launch in Puerto Rico

-Custodian Distribution

June 2019
-CSX Built KROWN Powered Application Announced >

August, 2019

August 14th, 2019
-1st Proposal Accepted!

October 31st, 2019
-Representation at EOS Pavillion for World Crypto Con, Las Vegas.

January 11–12, 2020
-KROWN Support DACathon

-Supports MetaDAC


February 13th-16th, 2020
-KROWN Support DACapulco and representation at Anarchapulco

May, 2020
-KROWN don become EOSIO cross chain with BOS-IBC

May 22nd, 2020
-KROWN 1 Year Bday Celebrations!

-KROWN Multi-fairdrop Reclaim

Dem create NFTs for the KROWN Community




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